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Join Sydney’s best ballet teachers on a fun, engaging and magical class! 

At Tiny Toes Ballet, we specialise in providing gorgeous, imaginative and enchanting ballet classes for 2 to 7 year olds.

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Bandaged Bear Appeal 2024 #bandagedbear #forsickkids

#bandagedbear #forsickkids

This June, Tiny Toes Ballet will be holding a special ballet class titled “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” to raise money for the Westmead Children’s Hospital Bandaged Bear Appeal. By donating to Bandaged Bear Appeal, our parents will be helping kids from around NSW to be treated at Westmead Children’s Hospital.

A Graceful Bond – Annual Mother’s Day Mummy Daughter Dance

Each year for Mother’s Day, Tiny Toes Ballet invites mums and other significant females to watch and participate in its annual Mother’s Day Mummy Daughter Dance. This precious class is warm and inviting. Mummies will shed a tear, whilst dancing with their little darling on the dance floor. This free to attend annual event is not to be missed!

12 Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Ballerinas & Dancers

At Tiny Toes Ballet, crazy hair day has become an institution, raising funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. We hope that one day, CF stands for Cure Found!

Our end of year kids ballet, jazz & dance concert magic!

Tiny Toes Ballet concerts aren’t like any other kids dance concert you’ve ever been to. Imagine a kids dance concert that lasts the whole lesson with you watching your child dance for free. Up close and intimate, now that’s a dance concert with a difference! We have no make up and no ticket costs, just a gorgeous in-class concert for you to view!

Finding Adult Friendship Through Ballet

When I reflect back on my early days as a first-time mum, I can’t help but remember the feeling of isolation. It was through my love of ballet that my adult friendships blossomed. My ballet business has led me to some life-long friends, none of whom I would have met if it wasn’t through our mutual love for the beauty of ballet.

Ballet teachers wanted in 2023

Are you bubbly, warm, outgoing, loyal and fun?
Do you love young people, ballet, beautiful music and imagination?
Are you able to encourage extroverted and introverted children?

Tiny Toes Ballet may be the right fit for you.
Come and join our team!

When is World Ballet Day?

World Ballet Day will return in 2022 on Wednesday 2nd November. On this special day, rehearsals, classes and behind-the-scenes exclusive footage will be live streamed for free across 6 continents in a display of unity.

Returning for its ninth year in 2022, World Ballet Day started in 2014 when the top four ballet companies around the world decided to live stream their classes and performances. Each year, the date moves and there is no set date for World Ballet Day.

Radio interview with Tiny Toes Ballet owner Rebecca Kidner

I’m so excited to share with you my radio interview with the lovely Fiona Mary Berry on radio station Alive 90.5 FM. Thank you for inviting me to your Community Health & Wellness Show, Revitalise & Renu. It was such an honour and a pleasure to go down memory lane to explain to your listeners how I started my business 13 years ago. I also explain our fabulous themed classes and fantastic special event weeks, such as our Annual Daddy Daughter Dance.

Annual Daddy Daughter Ballet & Jazz Dance

Each year, Tiny Toes Ballet invites dads along to Fathers Day week to join their ballerinas and dancers at our free to attend, Daddy Daughter Dance.

The Tiny Toes Ballet Daddy Daughter Dance is such a fun and rewarding experience for both dads and daughters alike. It’s a special bonding moment encapsulating memories that will last a lifetime. This precious, special time is both enjoyable and fun. You’ll be sure to have a laugh.

Using storytelling, props & imagination to teach ballet

During the year, your gorgeous ballerina or dancer will be introduced to two magical and enchanting themes each term. We use storytelling, props and imagination to teach ballet in our dance classes. As a result, this builds self esteem and confidence in your little one by fostering their love of movement and dance.

Sydney’s best preschool and kindergarten dance teachers

Need another reason for your darling to dance with us at Tiny Toes Ballet? What makes Tiny Toes Ballet classes so special is the quarterly training our teachers receive to help support them. This is why we are ‘Sydney’s Best Preschool and Kindergarten Ballet Teachers”.

An interview with Tiny Toes Ballet mum, Sara Keli

Sara isn’t a dance mum… and that’s what drew her to Tiny Toes Ballet. She loved the relaxed feel, the no-fuss concert and the nurturing approach of the teachers. “When Olivia, my eldest daughter, was two she showed an interest in dancing. I had a look around at a few ballet schools and got a good vibe from Tiny Toes Ballet. Now both of my girls dance with Tiny Toes Ballet and we haven’t looked back.”

Free Printable Father’s Day Booklet

Whether your child is two years old or fifteen years old, this FREE printable booklet is a fantastic, fun and creative way for your child to express their thoughts and feelings for the most important man in their life, their dad!

Let’s read Possum Magic with Miss Nicole!

We’ll be sharing one of Miss Nicole’s favourite books when she was little and now, her daughter’s favourite book too, Possum Magic! “Once upon a time, but not very long ago, deep in the Australian bush, there lived two possums. Their names were Hush and Grandma Poss. Grandma Poss made bush magic…” I wonder what happens next!

Fun, no fuss, low mess craft with Miss Laura

Miss Laura has come up with a fabulous idea (which she’s tested on her own children) using left over clear contact. This clever craft activity creates little mess, is extremely simple (even for young toddlers), is no fuss and is a great rainy day activity which you can complete from the comfort and security of your home.

Popsicle stick ballerinas for our little darlings!

Popsicle stick ballerinas for our darling ballerinas. A great craft idea with little mess, but lots of fun. This is a fantastic screen free activity for our preschoolers and older children alike. Have fun and remember, you can use anything that you can find at home!

How do I claim Active and Creative Kids Vouchers?

Apply for an Active Kids voucher or Creative Kids voucher and get $300 off your dance school fees. Tiny Toes Ballet is an approved provider for both the NSW Government’s Active Kids and Creative Kids programs.

New Saturday venue – Kids ballet & dance classes at Winston Hills

Tiny Toes Ballet is excited to announce that we are opening a new SATURDAY location at WINSTON HILLS starting in Term 3, 2021. Register NOW to secure a Saturday spot in Term 3! Do you work full time? Why not choose a Saturday morning class at Winston Hills? Your budding ballerina or dancer will fall in love with this popular venue.

Dancing for kids

Think dance is all about giving your kids a chance to release some energy and run around the room in a tutu? Well, we won’t deny that’s a part of it, but dance also has a host of other benefits for a child’s physical, mental and social development. Here are six reasons why dance is so good for kids. […]

School Friendly Sales/Customer Happiness Manager/Sales Office Position Vacant

Customer Happiness Manager Part Time Office Position Vacant Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9.30am – 2.30pm  10 years ago Tiny Toes Ballet opened it’s doors and has championed how 2-7 year old ballet has been taught in Sydney. We run magical ballet classes 6 days a week in The Hills, North Shore and Inner West Suburbs of Sydney, with a a [...]

The Easiest No Sew Easter Bunny craft

With the Easter Bunny coming this weekend, now’s the perfect time to do some Easter craft. You can make these adorable sock bunnies with materials you probably already have at home. What a fun screen free activity for our preschoolers and older children.

“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” with Miss Sarita!

Are you finding it hard to keep your lovely ballerinas and danseurs occupied during these difficult times? Well, why not go on a “teddy” bear hunt? Local communities around Sydney have embraced “teddy” bear hunting. All you need to do to participate is …

The Wiggles have come to the rescue …

If you’re a parent who’s struggling to explain the do’s and don’ts of the coronavirus pandemic – The Wiggles are here to help! The Wiggles – Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Price and Emma Watkins have released a new song for children as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds in Australia.

Colourful, fun, weaving rainbow fish!

This very simple craft activity will bring a smile to your face! As the name suggests, this Rainbow Weaving Fish craft entails rainbow coloured paper being woven into and out of a fish design. It’s colourful and easy to do. My eldest child did this with only a little bit of assistance (very little ones may need help using scissors).

Let’s read Olga the Brolga with Miss Sarah!

Today, we’ll be sharing one of Miss Sarah’s favourite books with all of our marvellous ballerinas, Olga the Brolga! Olga the brolga is in a terrible mood. She desperately wants to dance — but no one will dance with her. Her parents have other things to do, Ellie the crocodile doesn’t feel like jumping around, and Joanna Jacana only wants to sleep. As for Lilly the long-neck, well, she’s a bit grumpy, too!

Time to whip up some rocky road, yum!!!

When I was young, I used to bake all of the time with my mum and my grandmother (and making the obligatory mess, of course!). The prize – yummy biscuits, scrumptious cakes and delicious treats!!! What I didn’t know at the time was that I was also learning valuable skills …

Leafy animal craft for our darling ballerinas!

Leafy animal craft for our darling ballerinas. Get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine from the safety and convenience of your home! Did you know that one of the most famous zoos in the world has a website dedicated to kids? Sorry grownups – you’re not included.

How do I log into the Parent Portal?

Tiny Toes Ballet offers a convenient and clever way to manage your details and classes online 24/7. It’s called our Parent Portal and allows you to complete everyday items such as class management, updating student and contact details or to pay your invoice.

Why can’t I watch my child’s dance class?

It’s tough, when your kids are tiny, to leave them, even for a little while. Dance classes can start for kids at a very young age, sometimes as young as 3. Most parents aren’t keen to leave kids this size alone with anyone but a most trusted family member or carer. […]

What is W-sitting and when should parents worry about it?

Do you cringe when you see your child sitting in a W? Do you feel like saying “sweetie, can you please fix your legs”? Does W-sitting cause long term effects? Should I be worried when I see my toddler/preschooler sitting in a W? Do your older children still W-sit? W-sitting is a sitting position in which children sit […]

Top tips on how to make after school ballet & dance classes successful!

It’s 3.30pm and you walk in the door, kick of your shoes, make a cup of tea and a biscuit and flop on the lounge. The sun is shining on your face and you feel a huge sigh of relief. You could almost have a ‘Doctor Nap’. But … you have to rally the troops again who have dispersed into their rooms. The key to successfully transitioning in the afternoon from big school to ballet class is – DON’ T GO HOME!

Can my child cope with Big School and dance classes?

Many parents find they feel bittersweet emotions when their child starts Kindergarten. It is the official ‘end of an era’. When your child starts ‘big school’ there are so many things that are new. New school, new teacher, new friends and a new routine. It is critical for at least one thing to remain the same in their life […]

How do I do a ballet bun?

When it’s time for a concert performance or if you want your little one to feel and act like a ‘real’ ballerina, a ballet bun will put her in the mood, just like wearing her ballet shoes and a gorgeous tutu to class! We also love for all of our Primary Dance Academy students (Kindy and Year 1 students) to wear a ballet bun to each and every class. When you dress like a ballerina, you act like a ballerina! […]

Award winning small business

When I first started applying for awards I felt like I was asking for approval or ‘had tickets on myself.’ I didn’t feel completely comfortable with the idea. Then I started thinking about our Tiny Toes Terrific Team of Teachers and our Customer Happiness Managers and what we do 6 days a week for 9 years now and thought – [...]

Our kids dance to Swan Lake

You’re invited to your child’s end of year ballet and dance concert & graduation ceremony for 2019! There is no make up, no ticket costs, no rehearsals, no fuss. Just precious memories!

What does my child DO in ballet and dance class?

Our number 1 question explained... "so, what does my child DO in ballet and dance class?" The programme at Tiny Toes Ballet is unique. Our magical ballet dance classes have imagination as their theme. This aids in engaging the children while they are dancing and uses their creativity and expression. each preschool ballet dance class contains A familiar warm-up before we [...]

5 reasons why your kids should dance in kindy & year 1

So why is dancing good for my child? 1. rhythm and musicality During our kindy dance classes kids are exposed to different types of musical instruments and rhythms; With age-appropriate music and choreography, our Kindy kids learn best with familiar songs that are aimed at their age level that make Mum happy too! 2. skills for school and dance class [...]

What is batten disease? – Bounce4Batten

Batten Disease is a rare neurodegenerative genetic condition that is debilitating and sadly fatal that affects mostly children and there is still no known cure. The progression of the disease is rapid and children lose the ability to walk, talk, see and eat […]

Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser – meet a ballerina!

Cystic fibrosis – a cause close to our hearts! Cystic fibrosis is a life threatening genetic illness that affects 1 in 2,500 babies born in Australia. There is no cure at the present time and people with cystic fibrosis have to undergo constant physiotherapy and treatment throughout their lives. At Tiny Toes Ballet, we hold fundraising […]

What is different about a Tiny Toes Ballet Dance Concert?

Take a peek at our 2018 kids dance concert!Look at our beautiful preschoolers in their sparkly “Cinderella” themed ballgown & diamond tiara! Whilst our Kindy and Year 1 relived the all-time classic tale of Mary Poppins – supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

We [HEART] Five Dock Festival!

At Tiny Toes Ballet, our kids love to dance and perform! We also love supporting our local community, so every year you'll see our Tiny Tots, Preschoolers and Kindy Kids take time out of their day to dance and perform for the local community of Five Dock. Come along to beautiful Five Dock in Sydney's Inner West and watch our tiny [...]

Kids ballet & dance classes at Hornsby

Our kids ballet and dance classes are situated in a prime location in the heart of Hornsby. Close to parks, cafes, Hornsby Library and Westfield Hornsby Shopping Centre, it’s the perfect activity for preschoolers.

Top 5 parks with cafes

So, the kids are home for the Summer holidays, and you may be needing some inspiration for what you can get up too…well…you’re in luck because Tiny Toes Ballet has put together a fabulous list of our favourite Top 5 Parks with a Café. Win win right!!!

Preschool dance for kids

Preschool kids love moving to music. Get your kids to start preschool dance! Nurture your kid’s potential in dancing while they are young. Preschool is the right time to start their ballet and dance journey. Not everyone will grow up to be a professional dancer, however learning to dance is a wonderful life skill. Kids love singing nursery rhymes or [...]

Our Principal interviewed by Kid Magazine

Kid Magazine recently interviewed our Principal and founder of Tiny Toes Ballet, Rebecca Kidner. “I was equal parts thrilled and humbled to have been interviewed for Issue 41 of Kid Magazine”. Let’s see what Rebecca had to say […]

How to know if it’s a good ballet school?

a good ballet school meets your child's needs The ballet classes at Tiny Toes Ballet are based on the Royal Academy of Dance's International Curriculum. As a result, our ballet classes address young children's cognitive, motor and effective development. We use age-appropriate music and choreography. Movement is the medium through which creativity, expression and musicality are developed. There is no set uniform [...]

Top 5 Ballet Movies for Kids

Winter school holidays is all about cold, cozy days and nights snuggled up next to your loved ones under a warm blanket with an oversized bowl of freshly popped popcorn. Winter school holidays usually centre around comfort food, soft pillows, warm tea and great movies. The cold weather is about oversized hoodies and marshmallows dipped in hot chocolate. Winter is [...]

Kids dance concert magic – ‘sugar plum fairies’ & ‘alice in wonderland’

Take a peek at our 2017 kids dance concert! Look at our divine preschoolers in their gorgeous sugar plum fairy tutus. We love the fairy wings at the back. In 2017, our Kindy and Year 1 students danced to Alice in Wonderland. Our end of year kids dance concert is magical. You can bring as many family and friends as [...]

Let’s get social – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube!

Stay up to date with the latest posts, news and competitions. Subscribe to Facebook, Instagram or Youtube to get your daily dancing fix!

Do you want brilliant ballet fun, technique yet still age appropriate?

Ballet is a perfect choice for parents who are looking for an activity that combines fun, creativity and exercise. Tiny Toes Ballet goes the extra mile to ensure a magical experience for everyone. The Tiny Toes Ballet program is based on the Royal Academy of Dance International Syllabus, but when the children are here, it doesn’t feel like they’re doing [...]

Be your daughter’s first (and secret favourite) dance partner

Calling all doting dads! Join us for a masculine take on our ‘Dance with Mummy’ classes. Give Mum a sleep in and bring your delightful little dancer (2.5 years+) along. Our 30-minute ‘Dance with Daddy’ class allows dads and their daughters to share a dance lesson together. We use props such as ribbon sticks, a parachute […]

Concert magic – ‘the nutcracker’ & ‘rapunzel’

Take a peek at our 2015 Concert Magic - our preschoolers danced to Rapunzel, whilst our Kindy and Year 1 students danced to The Nutcracker. Our end of year graduation concert is magical. You can bring as many family and friends as you like without having to pay for seats and you are welcome to take photos and videos of [...]

How important is a good ballet teacher?

My name is Stephanie, also known as “Miss Stephanie” to your beautiful ballerinas and danseurs. Your children have changed my life and here’s why … Having trained in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, my first experience teaching ballet to little ones was at […]

From ballet mum to ballet teacher

From Mum to Teacher I am Laura. Some of you may know me as Miss Laura as I have the pleasure of teaching some of your very gorgeous children. My journey with Tiny Toes Ballet began several years ago when I walked into my first ‘Dance With Mummy’ class with my then two year old. Having been a dancer for [...]

What do you learn at ballet?

My name is Miss Lotus. I am part of the amazing teaching faculty at Tiny Toes Ballet and have also had the opportunity to spend some time in the Tiny Toes Ballet office, which has been both wonderful and inspiring. You see, it’s really quite a beautiful cycle […]

Take a peek at our preschool ballet class

Take a peek inside our Preschool Ballet class with Miss Bec! The children dance to different themes each term, taking them on a magical journey through The Beach, The Toy Kingdom, The Circus, Santa’s Workshop and many more […]

Tiny Toes Ballet – our tales to you!

From October, we will have an exciting new platform to keep all of our wonderful families up to date with important information and interesting happenings. Tiny Toes Ballet will be BLOGGING! With close to 1000 students and families at Tiny Toes Ballet, communication is key, therefore […]

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