When is World Ballet Day?

World Ballet Day

when is world ballet day?

World Ballet Day will return in 2022 on Wednesday 2nd November. On this special day, rehearsals, classes and behind-the-scenes exclusive footage will be live streamed for free across 6 continents in a display of unity.

Returning for its ninth year in 2022, World Ballet Day started in 2014 when the top four ballet companies around the world decided to live stream their classes and performances. Each year, the date moves and there is no set date for World Ballet Day.

what does world ballet day mean for me and tiny toes ballet?

Each year when World Ballet Day arrives and I see everyone starting to post live feeds and effusive posts, I always think about what World Ballet Day means to me and our gorgeous company Tiny Toes Ballet.

First and foremost I have always been in love with ballet. I love to move to music. Music can either make me sing at the top of my lungs with my windows open in the car or feel so sad I cry at the adverts on TV!

Singing in the car

Most of us are blessed to have healthy, strong, beautiful bodies that feel incredible to move in. To run, spin, twirl, leap like you are flying, stretch and sway. Who doesn’t innately love rocking side to side when they hold a baby? Humans were built to move and not to sit behind computers.

When my sister was born the teacher in me was born. We were forever putting on shows for our parents, selling homemade tickets and forcing them to watch us at the end of a workday. I have always been bossy – telling her to “Do it again” until she learnt the lyrics correctly to Madonna’s iconic songs.

For some commercial reason, I have been told that I can only celebrate World Ballet Day once a year…..

It’s a lot like being told to celebrate your love only on Valentines Day. (This doesn’t mean I don’t want roses – in case my husband reads this.)

Red roses

every day should be world ballet day!

In my opinion every day is World Ballet Day at Tiny Toes Ballet and every milestone deserves to be celebrated!

  • The first day you start ballet.
  • Your first pair of ballet shoes.
  • Meeting your first ballet teacher.
  • Getting your first tutu.
  • Learning how to listen and follow instructions needs to be celebrated! And I can tell you from a teachers point of view this is GOLD!
  • Performing on your own bravely for the first time in front of an audience.
  • Mastering the splits after stretching against the wall at home.
  • Achieving your first pirouette.
  • Getting your first pair of pointe shoes.
  • Passing your first exam.
  • Winning at an Eisteddfod.
  • Performing with your friends.

The list goes on. Everyday at ballet is World Ballet Day. Something magical happens. Some improvement is made, some learning and loving. Sometimes it is sweat and tears, sometimes it is pure magic and applause.

If you take care of the little things

Every day at Tiny Toes Ballet is to be celebrated. Every day we get to dance to beautiful music. Ballet is all about rainbows, sparkles, butterflies, fairy wings and parachutes, singing at the top of our lungs, being with our friends and grinning until our cheeks hurt.

Happy ballerinas

I believe World Ballet Day should not just be limited to one day a year. It can be anywhere – whether you are twirling in the kitchen with your loved ones or leaping over waves at the beach.

What do you think?


Rebecca Kidner
Proud Owner and Principal
Chief Kitchen Dancer/Car Singer
Tiny Toes Ballet
ARAD TC Distinction

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