Ballet classes online

Tiny Toes Ballet is proud to announce that online ballet classes for our ballerinas and danseurs are NOW online!

Are you missing your weekly ballet fix? Missing one of your adorable ballet teachers? Would you like to watch your darling smiling, laughing and twirling from the comfort and security of your own home?

We have been working diligently behind the scenes to deliver to you our magical award winning program by your most loved, joyful and sparkly ballet teachers and based on the internationally recognised Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.

So, hold onto your teddies, ribbon sticks, fairy wands and ballet shoes! We’re dancing up a storm!

What will I receive with my subscription?

  • Over 30 pre-recorded ballet and jazz classes
  • Themes include The Beach, The Jungle, Outer Space, The Enchanted Garden and much more
  • Bonus live classes throughout the term
  • Play, pause, repeat and watch anywhere/anytime
  • Practice your skills from the comfort, safety and security of your own home
  • Keep the spark alive in your darling ballerina or danseur

Enrol into “ballet classes online” today!

Term 2 dates: Monday, 20th April up to and including Saturday, 27th June

Having trouble signing up to “ballet classes online”? Send an email to!

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