Ballet classes online

Tiny Toes Ballet is proud to announce that online ballet classes for our ballerinas and danseurs are NOW online!

Are you missing your weekly ballet fix? Missing one of your adorable ballet teachers? Would you like to watch your darling smiling, laughing and twirling from the comfort and security of your own home?

We have been working diligently behind the scenes to deliver to you our magical award winning program by your most loved, joyful and sparkly ballet teachers and based on the internationally recognised Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.

So, hold onto your teddies, ribbon sticks, fairy wands and ballet shoes! We’re dancing up a storm!

What will I receive with my subscription?

  • 40 pre-recorded ballet & jazz classes plus bonus “live” classes online for less than $3/class
  • Themes include Frozen, Outer Space, Fairies in the Woods, The Enchanted Garden and much more
  • Play, pause, repeat and watch anywhere/anytime
  • Practice your skills from the comfort, safety and security of your own home
  • Keep the spark alive in your darling ballerina or danseur

Need further information

Scroll below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Enrol into “ballet classes online” today!

Term 2 dates up to and including Saturday, 27th June

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will Term 2 cost?

We are offering a special household rate of $120 in Term 2 with no registration fee (only $20 when combined with your $100 Creative Kids voucher). For children with more than one child in their household, this offers significant value. With 40 pre-recorded classes and bonus live classes on offer, this equates to less than $3/class.

2. I’ve enrolled for Term 2. What do I do next?

You will receive instructions on how to pay and access our online classes. Please email if you don’t receive an email with instructions.

3. What age group are these online classes suited for?

We will have two streams available. One stream for younger children (2 years plus) and one stream for older children (5 years plus). Both streams will be available for the special household rate of $120 in Term 2.

4. How many online classes will I receive?

Younger children (2 years plus) will receive 20 pre-recorded ballet classes.

Older children (5 years plus) will receive 20 pre-recorded ballet & jazz classes (10 ballet classes and 10 jazz classes).

As we are offering a household rate of $120, your household will receive access to 40 pre-recorded classes in Term 2 (less than $3/class).

We will also be offering up to two live classes each week (up to 20 live classes online). The number of live classes will depend on teacher availability, internet connection issues, government regulations etc and is subject to change without notice.

5. How many themes will you be offering online in Term 2?

We usually offer two themes per term. However, in Term 2, you will have access to 10 different themes, so your ballerinas and danseurs won’t ever be bored. Brand new themes in Term 2 include Outer Space, Enchanted Garden, Fairies in the Woods and many more. Watch their faces light up with our gorgeous new themes.

In our Finale week, we will have two special pre-recorded “mini concerts” featuring our favourite theme ever, Frozen. Let it go …..

6. How will you be delivering your online classes?

We will be delivering the pre-recorded portion of our classes via our website Passwords for our pre-recorded ballet and jazz classes will be kept in our private Facebook group ‘Tiny Toes Ballet Term 2 Online’ page. Live Zoom class meeting dates, times and invitations will also be posted on our private Facebook group page.

7. When does Term 2 start and finish?

Term 2 finishes on Saturday, 27th June.

Enrol into “ballet classes online” today!

Term 2 is up to and including Saturday, 27th June

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