Our magical difference

Frozen Ballet

Join Sydney’s best ballet teachers on a fun, engaging and magical class! 

At Tiny Toes Ballet, we specialise in providing gorgeous, imaginative and enchanting ballet classes for 2 to 7 year olds.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a trial class and experience the difference that is Tiny Toes Ballet.

our magical difference

At Tiny Toes Ballet, there is no pressure, no big concert, no inappropriate music or moves, no uniform, no hairstyles or makeup to worry about, just throw on your nearest spinning dress and off you go! You will love how stress free our kids ballet & dance classes are!

Our dance school has the most inspiring, professional and friendly dance teachers and staff! They are genius at holding the attention of young kids. The programming is so clever, lots of imagery, props, little rhymes and games that teach the fundamentals of ballet & dance. There is also school readiness/reinforcement; lining up, making a circle, taking turns, counting, following directions, all done in such a way that the kids don’t even know that they are learning!

The teachers have high expectations while accommodating a range of kids including those with special needs (with reasonable class modifications).

what can you look forward to in a year at tiny toes ballet?

Special event classes/weeks

  • Annual Mummy Daughter Dance – a week to celebrate the beautiful women in our lives.
  • Annual Daddy Daughter Dance – celebrating the outstanding job dads play as male role models in our children’s lives.
  • Book Week Dress Up Day – a day when your tiny tot/preschooler dresses up as their favourite book character with a special themed class to one of our favourite books Dogs don’t do Ballet by Anna Kemp.
  • Frozen themed ballet classes – a whole term dedicated to all things Frozen!
  • End of term Watching Weeks where family and friends are invited into class to watch their tiny tot/preschooler perform in front of an audience. A great way to build confidence and instill self esteem into your darling dancer.
  • Our end of year performance and presentation week is magical. You can bring as many family and friends as you like without having to pay for seats and you are welcome to take photos and videos of your own tiny tot/preschooler. Your kid’s concert will be held in the last week of term during your kid’s usual class time, day and venue. The dancers wear a beautiful themed costume and have fun showing off the dances they have learnt during the term. At the end of their in-class concert, your kid will receive an exclusive Tiny Toes Ballet medal and certificate.

Engaging and enchanting themed ballet classes

Tiny Toes Ballet uses imagery, storytelling, props and imagination to teach ballet. Your tiny tot/preschooler will be learning ballet and not even realise it! Some of our themes include:

  • The Mermaid’s Ball
  • The Jungle
  • The Enchanted Garden
  • The Toy Kingdom
  • Elsa’s Ice Skating Adventure
  • The Ballet Theatre
  • The Magical Beach
  • Tangled
  • The Circus
  • Into the Woods
  • Santa’s Workshop
  • And many more!


Fund raising opportunities

Free Giveaways

  • My First Day at Tiny Toes Ballet – free @Bloch tutu for joining during our special promotion weeks
  • 10 page complimentary printable ‘Fathers Day’ booklet
  • Free 18 page Safe Stretching Handbook for ballerinas and dancers

Come along and book a no obligation trial class today!

So, what are you waiting for? Book a trial class and experience the difference that is Tiny Toes Ballet.

so, what makes tiny toes ballet different?

storytelling, imagery, props & imagination

With over 13 years of experience teaching preschool ballet, Tiny Toes Ballet has developed a very special syllabus that combines imagery, storytelling, props and imagination to teach ballet. During the year, your gorgeous ballerina or dancer will be introduced to two magical and enchanting themes each term. We use storytelling, props and imagination to teach ballet in our dance classes. As a result, this builds self esteem and confidence in your little one by fostering their love of movement and dance.

Tiny Toes Ballet is the perfect introduction to ballet and dance for your toddler, tiny tot or preschooler. Your little darling will flourish in our developmentally appropriate ballet and dance classes that teaches the basics of rhythm, music appreciation and classical ballet.

Below are just some of the themes your child will encounter at Tiny Toes Ballet. They’ll be learning ballet and not even realise it!

the jungle

At The Jungle, your tiny tot will meet Pascal, Rapunzel’s pet chameleon from Tangled. Pascal has the ability to change colours as a means of camouflage as well as self-expression. This is one of the reasons our ballet and dance classes don’t have a uniform. This is your child’s way of expressing themselves each and every week. Have a look at the pure joy on your tiny tot’s face when they dress up in a princess or superhero outfit. This is why we do what we do!

the mermaid's ball

Don’t you wish you had a mermaid tail? At The Mermaid’s Ball, our tiny tots and preschoolers will leap into the ocean and use the newly found magical ‘mermaid’ dust to transform themselves into a mermaid. They’ll do plies with an octopus, jump like a jellyfish and do port de bras with the spanish dancing fish they encounter and so much more. Your tiny/tot preschooler will receive a message in a bottle and find gorgeous tiaras in the treasure chest.

the enchanted garden

During our delightful theme The Enchanted Garden, our students will meet elegant swans, follow a pesky rabbit down a rabbit hole and meet the Queen. All while gracefully dancing and learning school readiness. What isn’t there to love about this theme specially designed for our tiny tots and preschoolers. Your darling dancer will gallop like ponies, count to sixteen (who doesn’t like school readiness) and learn their left from their right.

the toy kingdom

The Toy Kingdom is one of my absolute favourites. In this special, enchanting theme, our tiny tots and preschoolers will delight in all things toys. Your darling dancer will march like toy soldiers in the toy box and meet the ballerina who dances in the music box, as they wind her up and dance alongside her. They will practice their pointed toes and jump alongside rabbits with carrots that are as huge as themselves.

the ballet theatre

Our tiny tots and preschoolers will learn about The Ballet Theatre in this exciting, themed storytelling adventure. Practicing their pony gallops, they’ll gallop to the ballet theatre to discover the stage and learn about the costume department, paint the scenery with ribbon sticks and play musical instruments in the orchestra. All to culminate in a beautiful free dance on the ballet theatre stage.

elsa's ice skating adventure

We love all things Frozen here at Tiny Toes Ballet. What tiny tot or preschooler wouldn’t? Our tiny tots and preschoolers will meet Elsa on their big mountain adventure using magical flying dust to get there. They will trudge down the big snow mountains in ballet retires, it’s a lot of hard work, but also lots of fun! Not only will they join Elsa’s Ice Skating Adventure, but they will also help Olaf the Snowman put himself together again.

the magical beach

Who doesn’t love an outing at the beach? What makes this theme a little more special is that it’s The Magical Beach. Your darling dancer, tiny tot or preschooler will do tippy toe runs and retire balances along the warm, inviting sand before jumping into the sparkly water to cool off. You’ll love the props we have at the magical beach – starfish, sea weed and a kite. Your tiny tot and preschooler will also love singing “Baby Shark”.


Do you have a tiny tot or preschooler with extra long hair? Watch your darling dancer marvel at our sparkly, new Tangled theme where they will meet Rapunzel. They’ll practice their ballet leaps by leaping out of Rapunzel’s tower and skip in the beautiful countryside. With help from the local vagabond Ryder, your tiny tot and preschooler will escape the castle guards and celebrate with a freestyle dance at the palace.

santa's workshop

Santa’s Workshop is such a delight! It’s a magical time of the year where your tiny tot and preschooler will enjoy going to the north pole on reindeers and then skip around the Christmas tree to discover the presents. To stop them from getting cold, they’ll warm up by stamping their feet and do parallel sautes. Not to forget that your tiny tot and preschooler will help rebuild Frosty the Snowman by using plies and dance with the sugar plum fairy.

our community

A cause close to our hearts! Cystic fibrosis is a life threatening genetic illness that affects 1 in 2,500 babies born in Australia. There is no cure at the present time and people with cystic fibrosis have to undergo constant physiotherapy and treatment throughout their lives.

Throughout each year, our dance school holds fundraising concerts, crazy sock & hair days and other activities to raise money and awareness of this life-threatening illness. We hope that one day, CF stands for Cure Found!

Each year, our ballet and dance school raises much needed funds for The Children’s Hospital at Westmead through our fun and much loved Teddy Bear’s Picnic special event classes. The Children’s Hospital at Westmead was founded in 1880 and looks after more than 80,000 sick children and their families, with more than 886,000 outpatient visits every year.

Westmead Children's Hospital

We are proud to support Bowel Cancer Australia creating much needed awareness and funds for this deadly disease. In Australia, bowel cancer is the third most diagnosed and second most deadliest cancer. It affects a staggering 1 out of every 15 people and we hope that one day a cure can be found. Each year, our ballerinas and dancers dress up in their craziest costumes to raise funds and awareness during our Crazy Costumes for Cancer Week.

Bowel Cancer Australia

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