Ballet for Tiny Toes

Do you have a little darling who loves to twirl? Are you looking for a fun, magical ballet class?

Our programme is based on the Royal Academy of Dance International Syllabus and has imagination as its theme, designed to engage and stimulate your child’s creativity and self expression. Tiny Toes Ballet was established in 2010 and has grown to become one of Australia’s most loved preschool and kindergarten dance programmes.

The children will be doing ballet and not even realise it!

Would you like:

  • School readiness/reinforcement?
  • To build confidence and self esteem?
  • Your child to wear their own ballerina, fairy or super hero outfit?
  • Age appropriate music and choreography?
  • Teachers as positive role models?
  • A gorgeous in-class concert with age appropriate costumes, no makeup & free for family and friends?
  • The magic of imagination through the art of classical ballet?

Did you know that when your child reaches kindergarten, they can become members of our Primary Dance Academy? With age appropriate music and choreography, Primary Dance Academy challenges students technically whilst learning the joy of ballet and jazz.

We have no set uniform, no makeup and beautiful age appropriate costumes to wow you and your family with our free to watch, gorgeous, end of year in-class concerts!

We want your experience to be stress-free, that’s why we offer a range of classes in the morning and afternoons throughout the school term. All our facilities are located near cafes, shopping centres and parking.

Miss a class? No problem, we offer 2 makeup lessons per term.

Call (02) 9620 9620 to experience the difference.

Raving Reviews

Tiny Toes Tales

How do I claim the Active and Creative Kids Voucher?

Apply for an Active Kids voucher or Creative Kids voucher and get $300 off your dance school fees. Tiny Toes Ballet is an approved provider for both the NSW Government’s Active Kids and Creative Kids programs.

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Sydney’s best preschool and kindergarten dance teachers

Need another reason for your darling to dance with us at Tiny Toes Ballet? What makes Tiny Toes Ballet classes so special is the quarterly training our teachers receive to help support them. This is why we are ‘Sydney’s Best Preschool and Kindergarten […]

An interview with Tiny Toes Ballet mum, Sara Keli

Sara isn’t a dance mum… and that’s what drew her to Tiny Toes Ballet. She loved the relaxed feel, the no-fuss concert and the nurturing approach of the teachers. “When Olivia, my eldest daughter, was two she showed an interest in dancing. I had a look around at a few ballet schools and got a good vibe from Tiny Toes Ballet. Now both of my girls dance with Tiny Toes Ballet and we haven’t looked back.”

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