Join Sydney’s best ballet teachers on a fun, engaging and magical class! 

At Tiny Toes Ballet, we specialise in providing gorgeous, imaginative and enchanting ballet classes for 2 to 7 year olds.

In Term 3, our preschoolers will join Elsa’s Ice Skating Adventure and perform in the Ballet Theatre in our magical, school readiness classes.

Our Kindy and Year One’s will learn ballet to gorgeous Frozen music as well as dances for our end of year ‘in-class’ captivating Nutcracker concert. 

Ballet for Tiny Toes

Do you have a little darling who loves to twirl? Are you looking for a fun, magical ballet class?

Our programme is based on the Royal Academy of Dance International Syllabus and has imagination as its theme. It’s designed to engage and stimulate your child’s creativity and self expression. Tiny Toes Ballet was established in 2010 and is one of Sydney’s most loved preschool and kindergarten dance programmes.

The children will be doing ballet and not even realise it!

sydney’s leading preschool & kindergarten dance programme

At Tiny Toes Ballet, there is no pressure, no big concert, no inappropriate music or moves, no uniform, no hairstyles or makeup to worry about, just throw on your nearest spinning dress and off you go! You will love how stress free our kids ballet & dance classes are!

mums and bubs classes

Our dance school’s Mums & Bubs ballet class is a magical time of bonding that you can share with your little one creating everlasting memories. We use props such as ribbon sticks, fairy wings, a parachute and musical instruments to encourage rhythm and musicality in your budding dancer.

Why do we encourage you to join our kids ballet and dance classes? Because it is super fun to dance with your gorgeous little ballerina, especially while they still love to dance with you! You and your little one can learn dancing together, trying out new moves and testing your performance skills. Listen to the music and talk about how it makes you feel and encourage them to express themselves through movement. Teach your kid not to be shy or awkward, instead, to be full of joy and natural rhythm. Then, swallow your pride and try it yourself. You’ll be surprised at how good it feels.

Expect to have a very bossy ballet & dance partner. Relax, enjoy and let your little kid show you the way.

preschool ballet classes

Our preschool and tiny tots ballet & dance classes are age appropriate and fun. The syllabus is based on creative play with beautiful ballet technique. Joyful and professional yet relaxed, which is perfect for this age-range. The warm teachers use an enchanting storyline to engage the imaginations of the budding ballerinas and dancers.

Our ballet and dance school’s school readiness programme has imagination as its theme, to engage and stimulate your kid’s creativity and expression. Your kid will be doing ballet & dance and not even realise it! Your tiny ballerina will walk on tightropes with parasols, gallop with ponies and paint rainbows in the sky with ribbons.

Would you like:

  • School readiness/reinforcement?
  • To build confidence and self esteem?
  • Your child to wear their own ballerina, fairy or super hero outfit?
  • Age appropriate music and choreography?
  • Teachers as positive role models?
  • A gorgeous in-class concert with age appropriate costumes, no makeup & free for family and friends?
  • The magic of imagination through the art of classical ballet?

kindy and year 1 ballet & jazz classes

Did you know that when your child reaches kindergarten, they can become members of our Primary Dance Academy? With age appropriate music and choreography, Primary Dance Academy challenges students technically whilst learning the joy of ballet and jazz.

We have no set uniform, no makeup and beautiful age appropriate costumes to wow you and your family with our free to watch, gorgeous, end of year in-class concerts!

We want your experience to be stress-free, that’s why we offer a range of classes in the morning and afternoons throughout the school term. All our facilities are located near cafes, shopping centres and parking.

Miss a class? No problem, we offer 2 makeup lessons per term.

Call (02) 9620 9620 to experience the difference.

sydney locations

Our dance school is proud to service the following locations around Sydney:

Baulkham HillsBeaumont HillsCastle HillChatswoodCherrybrookConcordCrows NestFive DockKellyvilleRouse HillThe PondsWentworth Point and Winston Hills.

Raving Reviews

Celebrating 12 years at Tiny Toes Ballet

From little things big things have grown! See our past and present and share our vision of ‘Into the Unknown’ for our future. What we do know is that we love baby and kids ballet for 2-7 year olds and feel so privileged to be able to be a part of each little person’s formative years. Please enjoy our 10 year anniversary video below!

Tiny Toes Tales

Radio interview with Tiny Toes Ballet owner Rebecca Kidner

I’m so excited to share with you my radio interview with the lovely Fiona Mary Berry on radio station Alive 90.5 FM. Thank you for inviting me to your Community Health & Wellness Show, Revitalise & Renu. It was such an honour and a pleasure to go down memory lane to explain to your listeners how I started my business 13 years ago. I also explain our fabulous themed classes and fantastic special event weeks, such as our Annual Daddy Daughter Dance.

Annual Daddy Daughter Ballet & Jazz Dance

Each year, Tiny Toes Ballet invites dads along to Fathers Day week to join their ballerinas and dancers at our free to attend, Daddy Daughter Dance.

The Tiny Toes Ballet Daddy Daughter Dance is such a fun and rewarding experience for both dads and daughters alike. It’s a special bonding moment encapsulating memories that will last a lifetime. This precious, special time is both enjoyable and fun. You’ll be sure to have a laugh.

Ballet teachers wanted

Are you bubbly, warm, outgoing, loyal and fun?
Do you love young people, ballet, beautiful music and imagination?
Are you able to encourage extroverted and introverted children?

Tiny Toes Ballet may be the right fit for you.
Come and join our team!

Using storytelling, props & imagination to teach ballet

During the year, your gorgeous ballerina or dancer will be introduced to two magical and enchanting themes each term. We use storytelling, props and imagination to teach ballet in our dance classes. As a result, this builds self esteem and confidence in your little one by fostering their love of movement and dance.

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