Can my child cope with Big School and dance classes?

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starting “big school” is a huge milestone

Many parents find they feel bittersweet emotions when their child starts Kindergarten. It is the official ‘end of an era’.

will they cope with an after school activity whilst attending school 5 days a week?

In our collective experience the short answer is yes.

When your child starts ‘big school’ there are so many things that are new.
New school, new teacher, new friends and a new routine.
It is critical for at least one thing to remain the same in their life.
We have found that if your child has their ‘dancing friends’ and things are a bit unstable at school, children cope better with change.

according to parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson

Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia’s most respected and popular parenting authors and speakers. Dr Justin Coulson explains:

The Power of the Tribe

Our kids, just like us, crave that feeling of being a part of something bigger than themselves. Having a group they identify with and that makes them feel that they belong, is powerful. Human beings in a group nourish each other emotionally. And without that support, we’re left feeling distanced, depressed and physically and emotionally unwell.

Finding their Tribe

For our kids, discovering who they are will help them find those people that will support and nourish them. And these strong supportive relationships are the central tenant of resilience. Here are a few ways we can help them start to build their identity and therefore find their tribe.

encourage your children to join a group

Joining a dance class, especially if your child treats your house like it’s their own private stage is a fantastic way for them to start building their tribe.

the next step

At Tiny Toes Ballet, our Kindy and Year 1 formal ballet & dance programme enables our teachers to create strong and confident little dancers; teaching flexibility, technique and dance class etiquette. With age-appropriate music and dance steps, this class challenges students technically whilst learning the joy of ballet, jazz and dance.

Each year, there is a ‘big girl/boy’ ballet concert, brand new jazz dances every term and multiple performance opportunities on stage, for example at fetes and at our 10-year anniversary gala!

We have many wonderful locations that we service with inspiring ballerina role model teachers.

obligation free trial

If you have a Kindy or Year 1 child who needs to find their tribe, Tiny Toes Ballet might be the right fit for your child. Why not come along and trial our kids ballet & dance classes.

Call us on (02) 9620 9620 for an obligation-free trial class.

We have ballet & dance classes located at Baulkham HillsBeaumont HillsCastle HillChatswoodCherrybrookConcordCrows NestFive DockKellyvilleRouse HillThe PondsWentworth Point and Winston Hills.

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