An interview with Tiny Toes Ballet mum, Sara Keli

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Sara isn’t a dance mum… and that’s what drew her to Tiny Toes Ballet. She loved the relaxed feel, the no-fuss concert and the nurturing approach of the teachers.

“When Olivia, my eldest daughter, was two she showed an interest in dancing. I had a look around at a few ballet schools and got a good vibe from Tiny Toes Ballet. Now both of my girls dance with Tiny Toes Ballet and we haven’t looked back.”

Olivia and Sara originally started with Tiny Toes Ballet in the Dance with Mummy class.

“Doing those early classes with Olivia was such a beautiful experience. I was pregnant at the time with my younger daughter, so to have that time together before the new baby arrived was so precious.”

When the new baby arrived, Olivia had a term off… but was straight back into it as soon as she could!

“I needed time to adjust to life with two kids and the ladies at Tiny Toes Ballet were so understanding. When Olivia started again, she was in the preschool class so I could drop her off and then go to feed the baby, or if she was asleep, I could do my grocery shopping or have a coffee.

I was actually really concerned about not being able to stay and watch – what if something happened and I wasn’t there?! But I soon got to know the teacher and she was so caring… I knew Olivia was in safe hands.”

Sara’s younger daughter Josie loved coming to watching week and the concert each year to see Olivia dance… and she couldn’t wait for her turn to join in!

“I would have to hold Josie back from joining in during the watching week classes! She just wanted to be with her big sister. Seeing them dance together fills me with so much pride and happiness… and tears!

Before Josie was two and a half years old and could start at Tiny Toes Ballet she would actually tell everyone that she went to ballet instead of day care. Seeing how much her sister loved her classes gave her a love of dance also.”

Josie now attends Dance with Mummy classes with Sara and occasionally with Grandma or Daddy.

“Josie and I love our weekly ritual of going to ballet. She doesn’t always want to participate in the full class – she is a very determined two-year-old after all – but her teacher has a beautiful way of encouraging her to join in. Either way, I love being a little bit silly and pretending to be a mermaid or a ballerina or whatever theme we are doing for the term.”

Sara can’t speak highly enough of the Tiny Toes Ballet teachers and the benefit Tiny Toes Ballet classes have had on her girls.

“We must have had a few different Tiny Toes Ballet teachers over the years and each and every one has been delightful. There is no pressure to perform and the young women that are teaching my girls are phenomenal role models.

Being part of the Tiny Toes Ballet family is wonderful. Who knows, maybe Olivia or Josie will be a Tiny Toes Ballet teacher one day?!”

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