Why can’t I watch my child’s dance class?

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It’s tough, when your kids are tiny, to leave them, even for a little while. Dance classes can start for kids at a very young age, sometimes as young as 3. Most parents aren’t keen to leave kids this size alone with anyone but a most trusted family member or carer.

we understand you might be worried about leaving your little one with us for their dance lesson

dance classes

But please, don’t be. We welcome and encourage you to watch a trial lesson where you can see our beautiful magical programme, meet the magical teacher and hear the music. Then you can decide if our classes are the right fit for you and your child.

The truth is, our students focus best on learning when it’s just them and a teacher in the room.

A teacher in a class with no parent observers gets more done, receives better responses from the kids and builds trust and rapport faster than a class with parents watching.

our dance classes are a super safe, super fun introduction to dance

At only 45 minutes they’re short, sweet and the kids are engaged at every moment. Your child builds confidence and self-esteem and apart from dancing, they also learn about lining up, taking turns, listening to the teacher, following 3-5 part instructions. All valuable school readiness skills. We encourage your little one to be cooperative and sociable in a nurturing environment.

And you can always watch the last class of each term!

but i’m just watching quietly, we hear you say. are you sure i can’t stay?

Yep, we’re sure. For kids this size, their parent is their shining light, their focus point. For them to concentrate on learning steps, or following a leader or moving to the music, they need to focus. If you’re just across the room they can’t separate and neither can they learn. They’ll watch you, your reactions, your expressions. Some kids are more emotional when their parents are watching, which can be tough on everyone.

Don’t forget the other kids in the class either. Some might be uncomfortable with strange parents watching and not get the most out of their lesson.

relax and leave your dancer to have fun and learn with us

We know from years of experience, if parents aren’t there, the children stop being distracted and start learning. With very few exceptions, when kids are in a dance class with just a teacher, they concentrate better, take instructions better and learn faster.

dance classes

Parents often like a chat too. If they’re watching, and chatting to one another, the volume levels in the room rise, making it impossible for the kids to learn. Noise bounces off the wooden floors, students can’t hear instructions or the music and teachers can’t hear themselves think.

If your child is already signed up and you’d like to watch them in action, please come to our open dance classes at the end of each term. Our end of year in-class concerts are also a lovely time to watch your dancer in action.

It’s natural to worry about your child’s safety when you’re not with them. Here’s what we’d like you to know about our classes and our school so you can comfortably leave your little one with us.


  • Every one of our staff has a working with children check
  • We’re a registered dance school and business
  • We supervise the children from the time they enter the class until we hand them back to you
  • Our teachers love and adore the tiny toes ballerinas/danseurs in their lives


We’re totally dedicated to the safety of our students and the quality dance experience we offer at Tiny Toes Ballet. If you have any questions about our classes please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9620 9620.

obligation free trial

If you have a two to seven-year-old who loves to twirl and leap, our dance school’s ballet & dance classes might be the right fit for your child. Why not come along and trial our kids ballet & dance classes.

Call us on (02) 9620 9620 for an obligation-free trial class.

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