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Think ballet & dance is all about giving your kids a chance to release some energy and run around the room in a tutu?

Well, we won’t deny that’s a part of it. However, kids ballet & dance also has a host of other benefits for a child’s physical, mental and social development. Here are six reasons why dance is so good for kids.

1. exercise and body awareness

Let’s start with the obvious. Kids dance is a fantastic form of exercise and what’s even better is that it doesn’t feel like exercise at all! There are around 600 muscles in the human body and dancing gets most of these moving in a way that walking and running don’t.

By learning how to dance, kids become more aware of their bodies and the different movements they can make. Kids develop a deeper understanding of what each muscle and limb can do. This helps kids build up the courage to experiment with movement and push themselves to find out just what they are capable of.

Dance also fosters a sense of physical and spatial awareness, helping kids to understand their own body language and build coordination. Moreover, coordination is a vital skill that can be transferred to many other activities, like learning how to ride a bike or catch a ball.

2. teamwork

Kids ballet & dance is a great way to introduce the concept of teamwork. Participating in team activities from a young age teaches kids how to work successfully in a group environment. This skill can then be carried through to school and later on, to the workforce.

Working as part of a team also helps kids to learn valuable social skills such as patience, social inclusion and listening. It teaches kids to ask their teammates for help when they’re feeling unsure of something. Group activities foster a sense of community amongst kids, teaching them the value of sharing experiences with others.

3. cooperation and social skills

Learning to socialise and cooperate with others is vital to a kid’s cognitive development. Attending kids ballet and dance classes is a great way to encourage this.

In class, kids learn how to wait their turn, building patience and respect for other kids time. Kids are also taught the ability to express emotion in front of others without fear, encouraging a mental maturity that even many adults seem to lack! Best of all, being part of a supportive environment will help kids to learn how to build trust and form relationships with their peers and teachers.

4. mental dexterity

Mental dexterity refers to the sharpness of the mind and the ability to quickly and easily express ourselves. The repetition and rehearsal that occurs when learning dance helps to improve mental dexterity. Learning new body movements and gestures helps kids to easily absorb ideas and retain information.

Kids dance can help with the development of kinesthetic intelligence. Dancers use their bodies as a way to create or do something. People with high kinesthetic intelligence generally have good hand-eye coordination, motor skills and body awareness.

5. confidence and self-esteem

Dance classes can help build confident, expressive kids with good self-esteem. This is thanks to the sense of accomplishment a kid experiences when they successfully master a dance move.

The consistent repetition needed to master a movement or sequence also teaches kids the value of motivation. This ambition and drive to achieve can transfer into other aspects of a kid’s life. It helps them try their best in everything they do.

6. it’s fun

Let’s be real, fun is a very important benefit of dance! Dance encourages expressive movement, is an outlet for imagination and emotional release, and allows children to let go of all inhibition and just enjoy themselves.

At a time where the concept of ‘fun’ seems to exist more and more in digital activities, it’s good to know that dance is still just as exciting now as it has always been.

Dance is the perfect way to rekindle the sense of creativity, fun, community, and physical movement that can be lost in the digital age.

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