How important is a good ballet teacher?

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‘my ballerinas come to ballet to get lost in the magic of ballet. i come to work to be inspired.’ miss stephanie

My name is Stephanie, also known as “Miss Stephanie” to your beautiful ballerinas and danseurs. Your children have changed my life and here’s why…

Having trained in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, my first experience teaching ballet to little ones was at Tiny Toes Ballet.  

On my first day, in my first class, about to make my first impression on a group of 2 ½ year olds and their mums, I put on my ballet shoes, a feeling I knew oh so well, and I touched up my lippy before opening the door.

Someone wise once told me:


‘you are their first ballet teacher, you are their first impression of the ballet world. you are a big part of their life, make it count.’

Little did I know, those small humans who had only been on the planet for 2 years had the ability to inspire and make me who I am today. My ballerinas have taught me many things over the years …

  •  Never underestimate the power of a travelling mind. They make for excellent stories!
  •  Never show any weakness … this does not make for an excellent story.
  •  Always have a plan B explanation for those talented students who can always see through your stories.

dance has the power to make connections

Miss Steph FB

Dancing isn’t just about technique, discipline, following direction and forgetting choreography, oh no! Dance gives children an opportunity to make friendships and connections with others. Some would argue that dance encourages competition amongst students, forcing them to compare themselves to each other, and yes to a certain degree that’s true, what with all the Abby Lee Millers of the world. But the bond created between them is something so rare and nothing anyone could ever comprehend. They share a passion for something so emotionally embedded inside of them, a secret language if you will, a feeling, an emotion, something more powerful than magic.

friends welcome others with open arms

Their ability to welcome new students with open arms and their warmth and openness is astounding. They are non-judgmental, kind, considerate and always willing to lend a hand or comfort someone in need. Their goodness is infectious and I find myself so excited to be around such positive energy. Without encouragement, they will initiate inclusive games where everyone is made to feel welcome and all of them really do cherish those few minutes they have of undirected play.  

Not only does Tiny Toes Ballet offer children the opportunity to engage in imaginative and creative play, but through that very concept, we enter into a world that no-one else can understand. In the case of our older students, I can honestly say, that you will never walk past one of our classes and not hear laughter.

The most comforting thing in the world is to know that there is a ballerina somewhere pirouetting and leaping across the living room, trying to be just like their ballet teacher. That is the greatest gift any one of them could ever give me.

“Where there is kindness, there is goodness. Where there is goodness, there is magic.”


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