What does my child DO in ballet and dance class?

Rapunzel Ballerinas

Our number 1 question explained…

“so, what does my child DO in ballet and dance class?”

The programme at Tiny Toes Ballet is unique. Our magical ballet dance classes have imagination as their theme. This aids in engaging the children while they are dancing and uses their creativity and expression.

each preschool ballet dance class contains

  • A familiar warm-up before we dance. We warm up our feet, our ankles, our arms and legs, our backs and core in a circle at the start of each lesson. Introduce and welcome new friends!
  • Dance classes based on the Royal Academy of Dance portion. This is where the hidden ballet and dance occurs. For example, the children are rising up and reaching for the stars, or tapping their pointed toes on a hidden trap door. The children will jump like clockwork bunny rabbits, skip to the forest or balance on one leg in the hot sand.
  • Kids will love our ‘free dance‘ section. This encourages the expression of movement to beautiful ballet dance music. It allows freedom of choice, builds confidence and encourages creativity.
  • A cool down.

each kindy/year one class contains

  • A familiar warm-up before we dance. Introducing correct ballet posture, strengthening exercises, feet pointing and ballet stretches, waking our muscles up and preparing them for dance.
  • A balanced Royal Academy of Dance class. This is where the learning occurs taught with beautiful imagery. For example, the children ‘pick up feathers or flower petals’ with exercise for hands, show demi plies ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ in bend and spin, fly like cannonballs in run and leap.
  • Age-appropriate music and jazz dance moves. Strong technique, ballet stretching with an ethos of fun.

we teach & reinforce

  • Ballet Terminology/Vocabulary: First Position, Points, Demi Plies, Gallops, Jumps, Arabesque, Port De Bra, Pirouette etc.
  • Ballet Technique: for example when teaching a Gallop, the teachers talk about squeezing legs together. Or making ‘a diamond’ when teaching a Demi Plies.
  • School readiness and reinforcement: counting, colours, left and right, taking turns, lining up, using their hand before speaking to really practise for school readiness.
  • Respect: We thank our parents and our teachers by curtsying at the end of the class.
The learning at Tiny Toes Ballet is hidden. The children are doing ballet and they don’t even realise it!

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If you have a two to seven-year-old who loves to dance ballet, twirl and leap, Tiny Toes Ballet might be the right fit for your child. Why not come along for a trial lesson.

Call us on (02) 9620 9620 for an obligation-free trial class.

We have classes located at Baulkham HillsBeaumont Hills, Beecroft, Castle HillChatswoodCherrybrookConcordCrows NestFive DockHornsbyKellyvilleKings Langley, Marsden Park, Rouse HillThe Ponds, Wentworth Point and Winston Hills.


Looking for ballet shoes? Try our main supplier Bloch for Dancers.
Did you know our Principal is a member of Sydney Hills Business Chamber?
Our governing body is the Royal Academy of Dance.
Did you know we are a Hills District Mums Kids Dance Class?
Did you know we are an Active and Creative Kids Service Provider?
Want somewhere to take your child to ballet? Try the Australian Ballet Company.

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