""Nothing but a positive experience I have had with your company and will reccomend you to everyone I know""

""Her teacher is so fantastic with the children and she just has such a lovely way about her""

""As soon as we finished she told me 'I want to go again Mum,' which was great to hear" "


How much are your classes?

We offer a trial lesson for new students who have not been previously enrolled with us. Please register online prior to attending first lesson or call us on (02)9620 9620 and we will register your child.

All students have an annual $28 registration fee

$14 for the “Dance with Mummy” – 30 minute class

$16 for the “Tiny Toes Preschool Ballet and Pre-Primary” –  45 minute class

$23 “Primary Dance Academy”  – 1 hour and 20 minute class

****Premium surcharge will apply to some classes operating out of premium venues****

What should my child wear?

There is no compulsory uniform for children participating in the classes; fairy dress, leotard and skirt, shorts and t-shirt, bike pants and t-shirt, even dress ups! Just make sure clothing is free to move in. Pink ballet shoes are the only necessity, bare feet are acceptable for the trial. Socks and jiffies are not allowed as they are too slippery.

What are your term dates?

Term Four (9 weeks)
Monday 9th October up to and including Saturday 9th December


Term One (10 Monday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s all other days 11 weeks)
Monday 29th Jan up to and including Saturday 14th April
Term Two (9 Mondays all other days 10 weeks)
Monday 30th April up to and including Saturday 7th July
Term Three (10 weeks)
Monday 23rd July up to and including Saturday 29th September
Term Four (8 weeks)
Monday 15th October up to and including Saturday 8th December

Dance With Mummy and Tiny Toes Preschool Ballet and Pre-Primary Ballet Classes:

Our classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-School Dance Curriculum and are themed eg. ‘The Toy Kingdom’ and  ‘Under the Sea’. We do five weeks of each theme, slowly expanding and increasing your child’s movement vocabulary, culminating in an end of term open week where you and your child’s special people can come and watch. At the end of the year, there will be a gorgeous in-class concert.

Primary Dance Academy:

Joyful and exciting Ballet and Jazz class for your child attending Kindergarten and Year One. Based on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus with age appropriate music and dance steps, this class challenges students technically whilst learning the joy of ballet and jazz.

The class will run for 1 hour and 20 minutes with the ballet taking 45 minutes, a quick break for a drink of water, followed by 30 minutes of jazz.

At the end of each term we invite all of our families in for viewing day and at the end of the year, there will be a gorgeous in-class concert.

Do you have a concert?

No huge expense, no tickets to be purchased and best of all, no pressure. At the end of term four Tiny Toes Preschool Ballet, Pre-Primary Ballet, and Primary Dance Academy students are invited to participate in a performance during your child’s usual class time, at their usual venue, where family are welcome to come and watch. This will incur affordable, additional charges including payment for; a medal, certificate and tutu all of which will be included in your fees. Please feel welcome to contact our office about what to expect financially for the additional charges.

A medal and certificate will also be presented to all Dance With Mummy students during this last lesson of the year. The cost of the medal and certificate will be included in your term four fees.

How do I pay?

Invoices will be emailed after your child’s first lesson. If your child attends the trial lesson and you wish to continue you will be billed for the full term, including the trial lesson.

Alternatively click here to request an invoice.

Fees can be paid by credit card over the phone or direct deposit into Tiny Toes Ballet bank account.

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